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The Sol Project works to create a bold, kaleidoscopic body of work by Latiné writers by fostering creative partnerships, providing platforms of support, and building artistic homes for artists of color in all areas of production. We aim to inspire collective impact across the artistic landscape in New York City and beyond.


To fortify a national theater movement that brings Latiné playwrights and their stories to the forefront of American theater, The Sol Project’s four operating pillars are central to all our collaborations. Our hope is that they become part of the DNA of each of our theater company partners.


Critical to The Sol Project's success​ is the selection of partners who share our passionate belief that the American theater should be a space that holds all our stories; Our partners understand that, to realize this long-term goal, we must dismantle the systems that perpetuate racism and white supremacy and stand ready do this urgent work. The Sol Project is motivated and sustained by the unique strengths that emerge from our powerful, carefully constructed alliances.



​The Sol Project aims to create opportunities that launch and maintain influential boundary-breaking careers in the American theater. In addition to Latiné playwrights, The Sol Project advocates for other artists of color in assembling creative teams for each production in which we are involved. We also call for casts to be primarily Latiné and/or people of color, and we nurture a growing network of directors, designers, stage managers, producers, dramaturgs, technicians and other creative talent.


​The Sol Project works nimbly and respectfully with each of our writers and partners throughout all aspects of our productions to achieve a shared vision.  As cultural translators, representatives from The Sol Project ensure that the initiative’s guiding principles (“Our Pillars”) are consistently and comprehensively integrated into each stage of the creative process – from pre-production to marketing; we add value and expertise that deliver authentic and meaningful experiences for both artists and audiences.



​We aspire to make a lasting impact by radically shifting the frequency with which Latiné playwrights are produced on the country’s most visible stages. We will work with scholars, journalists and others to document the work of this historic initiative and the contributions of our collaborators, our artists, our organizations, and our communities. We will not rest until the American theater reflects the changing face of our country.

12 Latiné Writers
12 Leading Theaters

Sol production countdown

The Sol Project pairs 12 Latiné playwrights, at various career stages, with 12 leading theaters to support meaningful productions of each playwright’s work (one playwright, to one company). In tandem, The Sol Project cultivates national partnerships with theaters and organizations across the country to provide additional platforms of support for these and other Latiné playwrights through readings, workshops, and/or productions. As of 2024, The Sol Project has championed eight writers—Hilary Bettis, Martín Zimmerman, Luis Alfaro, Charise Castro Smith, Noah Diaz, Mara Vélez Meléndez, Christin Eve Cato and Guadalís Del Carmen—with six New York productions and two national productions.


To expand our work, The Sol Project launched a new theater festival, SolFest, in partnership with Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. The annual festival features new work by Latiné playwrights that reflects the diaspora of Latinidad. 


Once all 12 writers have been produced, the work of The Sol Project will formally conclude. We hope the 12 productions, in tandem with SolFest and the work done by our national partners, will catalyze systemic change, instigate lasting creative collaborations, and inspire collective impact across the artistic landscape.


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