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SOL 1:


The Sol Project is an Obie-award winning New York City-based theater initiative dedicated to fortifying a movement that brings the voices of Latiné artists and their stories to the forefront of the new American theater. Guided by the values of advocacy, collaboration, and joy, The Sol Project works in partnership with leading theaters to produce the work of Latiné playwrights and nurture a growing community of Latiné theater artists.

12 Latiné Playwrights
12 Leading Theaters


The Sol Project pairs 12 Latiné playwrights, at various career stages, with 12 leading theaters to support meaningful productions of each playwright’s work (one playwright, to one company).


Once all 12 writers have been produced, the work of The Sol Project will formally conclude.

We hope the 12 productions, in tandem with SolFest and the work done by our national partners, will catalyze systemic change, instigate lasting creative collaborations, and inspire collective impact across the artistic landscape.

Our Progress

Sol production number countdown


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